What Is Road Rage and How Can We Avoid It?

What Is Road Rage and How Can We Avoid It?

February 18th, 2016 — Martinson Agency LLC — Chaska, MN

The road can be a dangerous place. Even if you are a safe driver, there is still the threat of every other driver on the road. Aggressive drivers tend to create chaos on the roads. Throughout this article we will define the characteristics of an aggressive driver and also give you a few tips to help you avoid road rage.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Any driver that is tailgating, honking, weaving in and out of traffic, or taunting other drivers would be defined as an “aggressive driver”. When two aggressive drivers engage in these antics, road rage may take place.

How To Avoid Road Rage?

  • Do NOT engage with aggressive drivers. If another driver cuts you off, don’t respond by tailgating or taunting. This can enrage the other driver and escalate the situation.
  • If at all possible, try to stay out of an aggressive driver’s way.
  • In extreme cases, report the driver. If he or she is putting others in danger it is important that they are stopped.
  • Continue to use safe driving habits by driving the speed limit, using your signals, and changing lanes with caution.

How Does This Impact My Insurance?

The impact road rage can have on your insurance may seem obvious but many are shocked to find out the actual costs of accidents and traffic violations. As you know, road rage increases the likelihood of an accident or being cited for a violation. All carriers are have different eligibility rules but many violations can stay on your record for at least three years. Don’t spend more on insurance than you have to. Drive safely.

Road rage only makes matters worse. Please do your part and focus on your own safe driving habits to make our roads a safer place.

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