Super Bowl LI: Four Myths About The Big Game

Super Bowl LI: Four Myths About The Big Game

February 5th, 2017 — Martinson Agency LLC — Chaska, MN

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, let’s look at four of the most common myths surrounding the big game.

The Marketing Misconceptions

The Super Bowl is known as one of the biggest events of the year in advertising. However, Advertising Age explains that there are a lot of myths about advertising during the big game. The news provider explained that broadcast advertising is not the only way to gain some visibility, as one company carried out a campaign on the web ─ without purchasing a $4 million ad spot ─ and reached 10 million individuals by becoming a part of the conversation. Even small businesses can capitalize on the event, not just large ones.

Right Down The Drain

TIME Magazine explained that some people believe the “flush effect” myth, which is the belief that everyone in the country will flush their toilet at the same exact moment during halftime, and that this will strain the nation’s water supply. Interestingly, TIME Magazine points out that research in various cities has proven that water use peaks during breaks in the game.

Plenty of Beer, But Not The Most

Americans might believe the big game would be the biggest day of the year for beer purchases, and for good reason. However, this is false. The Nielsen Co., a ratings and research firm, lists this event in February as the eighth-biggest day for beer sales, behind other days including Independence Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Stock Market Predictor

One theory states that the Super Bowl can predict the stock market’s performance for the coming year. As ridiculous as it sounds, there is some evidence to back this theory up. The “Super Bowl Indicator” states that if a team from the old American Football League (AFL) wins, the stock market will go down; if a team from the old National Football League (NFL) wins, the markets will go up. The Super Bowl indicator has been accurate roughly 80% of the time!

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