Progressive Snapshot: The Fair Way to Pay for Auto Insurance

Progressive Snapshot: The Fair Way to Pay for Auto Insurance

June 25th, 2015 — Martinson Agency LLC — Chaska, MN

Snapshot is a usage based insurance rating program. This program allows customers to potentially save money based on their actual driving habits. Snapshot gives people more control over how much they pay for auto insurance, and can help people improve their driving habits.

Customers who enroll in the Snapshot Program will receive a small device that plugs into their vehicle’s OBD port. This device will track what time of the day you drive, how many miles you drive each day and how often you drive between the hours of Midnight and 4:00 am. It does not track your location or speed, however it does make note when you break quickly or stop abruptly.

Progressive requires the Snapshot device to be in your car for a minimum of six to eight weeks and in certain cases up to six months. Typically, people who have short commutes to work and rarely drive between the hours of midnight and 4:00 am score the best and end up receiving the best discount. The good news about the Snapshot program is that it cannot be used against you. At no time will your insurance premium increase because of the data gathered by the device.

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