Auto Insurance & Road Trips: What You Need to Know

Auto Insurance & Road Trips: What You Need to Know

April 23rd, 2015 — Martinson Agency LLC — Chaska, MN

Summer is right around the corner. This means that families are beginning to gear up for their much anticipated summer vacations. Nothing says family quite like ROAD TRIP! Eight in ten leisure trips are made by car according to the U.S. Travel Association. This means that there will be plenty of people traveling long distances by car. Before you head out you must be sure that your auto insurance is in check.

Adding roadside assistance could be a decision that saves your road trip. Imagine this, it’s late at night and you’re driving in the middle of nowhere. The rest of your family is sound asleep throughout the car and BOOM! Your front tire pops. What’s next? If you have roadside assistance on your policy, help is on the way. Roadside assistance is an extremely affordable coverage and it can get you out of an abundance of issues that would derail your road trip. Call Martinson Agency to make sure you have roadside assistance coverage on your auto insurance policy today!

Also, make sure that your auto insurance ID card is in your car. This card will provide you with any contact information that you may need in the event of an accident or a traffic violation. The reason you need your auto insurance ID card in situations like this is to prove that you are, in fact, insured. By failing to prove this, you could acquire another fine and ticket.

Road trips can be a great time for a family to bond and travel the country together. Before your departure, call Martinson Agency to make sure you will have the assistance in the nastiest of situations!

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